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Bankroll Management: The Segment

A simple gambling tip is to segment your assigned bankroll. Your bankroll is your ammunition and your life when it comes to gambling and betting everything in one day isn't the wisest course of action. To assure that you do not take a foolish risk, follow this tip.

Divide your bankroll by the amount of days that the gambling spree or session will take. Let's say you're particularly invested in poker and you have eight thousand dollars for your bankroll burning a hole in your pocket, ready to grow into twice or even thrice the amount. You're practiced your Texas Hold'em betting patterns and plays with your friends - but then you sit at the table and then find that you're surrounded by maniacs that run pre-flop all-in plays regularly. Unless you're a professional, it can become very tempting to just follow suit and beat the smug smiles that may be on their faces with an all in of your own - and it takes nothing more than a quick frown from lady luck to turn your Texas Hold'em bankroll into just a hole. It could even compromise your whole gambling session if you lose all your money.

It's not that farfetched.

However, let's say you take the high and wise road. Let's say your gambling run lasts five days - you take a week off work, just to relax at the casino tables. Your bankroll is still at eight thousand dollars - dividing it by five gives you one thousand six hundred dollars worth of fun. Now imagine yourself sitting at the same table. Now it's slightly easier. The pressure doesn't push down as hard - you have a significant amount sitting in your hotel room or bank account, ready for more gaming in the following days. If you should lose throwing your one thousand six hundred into several bad plays, it's still not that bad, as you have more where it came from. The sense of tension ebbs away and you will, in likelihood, find yourself playing better.

Now, segmenting your bankroll does not guarantee victory of course. Nothing in gambling does - if gambling were completely based on skill, it would become a sport and perhaps, would lose some of its appeal. This gambling tip however allows you to manage your bankroll with increased efficiency and ease. Since your bankroll is your life, then learning to essentially manage your gambling life with more control will perhaps lead into more victories - or perhaps, a more fun experience.

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